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Surveillance Cameras (CCTV)

Penlink have motor and slip ring solutions



Penlinks have hybrid solutions for electrical, optical and hydraulic rotary joints

Airborne Camera System

We have the solution for rotating airborne cameras

MIL Servo Systems

Penlink has the ability to integrate motors, actuators, angle sensor in a package through our partners

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Penlink AB is an independent supplier of electronic components and servo systems for the automation industry.

Penlink’s staff have widespread experience in products in this sector and have worked with global leaders in the products they sell. Together with our partners, we can help our customers streamline existing solutions and assist them with the design, planning, and new installation of complex overall solutions.

Penlink’s head office is in Stockholm.

Rotary Unions from DSTI

Rotary unions are used to distribute a variety of liquids and/or gases from a stationary inlet to rotating equipment.

We offer complete, Specialized Rotary Union & Swivel Joint design and manufacturing services in addition to our full line of Off-The-Shelf Rotary Union Products for a wide variety of applications.

Our provider DSTI are global leader specializing in the design and manufacturing of Rotary Union & Swivel Joint Products.

Read more about our specialized Rotary union here or our wide range of Off-The-Shelf products here

Slip rings

A slip ring is a component for transmission of power and data signals to a freely rotating unit such as a radar aerial or the rotor blades of a wind turbine. Also called a slip ring device, rotary electrical joint, collector, or electric swivel, a slip ring can be used in any mechanical device that requires free rotation while transmitting power or electrical data signals. Slip rings can improve the performance and simplify the design of many applications.

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Laser Crystals

Penlink co-operates with one of the leading manufacturers of laser crystals, fibre optics, and lasers, providing high-quality crystals for optical devices, communications equipment, and other applications in the laser industry. Our production partner has more than 100 employees and carries out their own research in optics.

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